Mount Snow (previously known as Mount Pisgah) is a mountain resort and ski area in southern Vermont located in the Green Mountains.It is Vermont's closest big mountain to many Northeast metropolitan areas. But it’s very popular, so what do I know. Until recently, this trail was the lower section of Lodge. Intermediates can do hours worth of laps on the Canyon Express and not get bored. Now listed as a “Natural Snowfall Park” in that Mount Snow will build features as conditions permit. Some skiers prefer Long John, but Deer Run has more challenge for the average novice, and will move the skier along faster. He built a luxury hotel, quirky restaurants, a heated outdoor pool, state-of-the-art lifts — a lot of them — and more. An old trail, not named on early maps. Located on Lower Canyon. As the majority of these customers are youths, you might expect the place to be dripping with attitude. Mount Snow’s signature expert trail, a 40�+ bump run, mercifully short compared to other North Face trails. status date description; Jun 18, 2020 @ 6:58pm. Employees weren’t smiling as much as usual; there seemed to be a general sense that this was a tough season. It isn’t as steep as it first appears; it only looks that way because of how it drops off Long John. Thanks Walt is the quickest way from the Main Summit into the Sunbrook area. Some Main Face facts and tidbits, in no particular order: Switchback is a short traverse off Deer Run that drops skiers into the bottom of Meadow. Anyway, cut to the chase here, it seemed that ASC wanted to position the Nitro Express chair for the shredders, while the Heavy Metal double became a pleasant, almost “old-fashioned” New England section of the hill. Busiest terrain Park at Mount Snow, built in 1992. Mount Snow offers skiers and riders 80 trails and an amazing 20 lifts including the Bluebird Express from base to summit – a high-speed six-person blue bubble chair. Most of the trails in Sunbrook, such as the Dippers, don’t yet have snowmaking, and are seldom groomed. The best & most popular mountain biking trails in Mount Snow. Beaver Hill . Narrow, seldom groomed but not at all difficult. The primary attraction to landing on the summit versus the lower terminating lifts is that you have access to every trail on the Main and North Faces, almost every trail on Sunbrook, and a few of the trails on Carinthia. Those just starting out on skis or boards should start their adventure on the Main Face at the Launch Pad, a dedicated learning area that is a designated slow-skiing zone. There’s really no other purpose for this trail. Wonderful Sunbrook cruiser named in honor of the founder. The marquee trail on the North Face is obviously Ripcord. Without the bumps, Ripcord would be just another extremely steep headwall. Rolling terrain, could be handled by a high-end novice. Formerly known as Lower Sundance, late 70s early 80s. It’s simply a pleasurable run that ends in Grand Central, which is a blue-rated runout trail that probably should be a green. The re-routing a few years ago of inbound vehicles seems to be working quite nicely for main base traffic. Long, turning trail off the Canyon Express chair; on the extreme right hand side of the Main Face (last trail on skier’s left before North Face). This is a short but extremely steep bump run that rivals anything in the country, however brief it may be. Andy and Dandan Fisher - Steam Around the World Recommended for you Easily negotiated by strong novices. Upper Choke & Upper Ledge are last on the grooming list. Usually always groomed. It’s a fixed-grip triple that moves v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, yet is barely a sixty second ride. I’ve been at Mount Snow on windy, icy days when the summit runs were horrifying, yet people positively ignore the Ego Alley chair. Narrow by comparison to Cooper’s, and usually has a couple of people plowing their way from side to side. Usually groomed. Trails, from left to right: Big Dipper shown in yellow. Both end at the aforementioned Grand Central runout trail. This is really just a mad, jumbled, intersection of skiers. Not a trail people seek out to ski; just used to move between trails. Sometimes icy & windblown; although it has snowmaking it receives little attention and is often closed. Lodge is the most pleasant cruise, and Ledge is more in the narrow/classic New England style. Sometimes windblown and icy at the very top. Learning areas are located at the Launch Pad with the Mount Snow Ski & Snowboard School's home in the Discovery Center and at Sundance Base area on weekends and holidays. New ownership has put Mount Snow firmly back on top. Both are typical Mount Snow blue squares. 6. Was known as 4RKDS for the 1993-1994 Season as the result of a “name a trail” charity auction. It’s a terrific trail, but when conditions are lean and few trails are open, Standard can become routine. Run-out trail starting at the end of Snowdance, collecting skiers from Overbrook, Un Blanco, Illusion, etc. A lot of trails were open even after drenching rains, and conditions were usually decent. In the western hemisphere, for that matter. Although rated intermediate, is clearly a novice trail, except no novice terrain feeds it. Jan 1st: The 35 to 40 plus cm's that had accumulated on the Mt Shark trails last week has now been groomed out on all trails at Mt Shark. For many years, no such lift existed in Sunbrook; skiers had to ride the #14 Beartrap double chair, ski down Long John to the Main Base, then ride one of the summit chairs to re-enter Sunbrook. Natural are the trails like Big Dipper and Olympic, natural snow only and seldom (if ever) groomed. A very popular blue cruiser, big and wide, usually groomed. Sacrilege! One Small Step in dark green. The Sundance you ski today was the lower segment of the Lift Line 7 trail in the 1970s and 1980s. Two other lower mountain chairs are the aforementioned #16 Seasons double and the longer #8 Tumbleweed triple. All have snowmaking. Plan to ski and ride on 42 trails, with 33 of those donning corduroy. For this reason it is frequently an exhilirating experience for skiers making the jump to the top for the first time. Once you enter Coopers, only the #16 or #8 lifts are available, so higher level skiers stay away. Natural snow only. Trails on the North Face are rarely groomed and there’s no easy way down. Like most of Mount Snow’s tree skiing areas, the trees are very tight here. Unchanged for decades, groomed regularly, an intermediate favorite. Known as Jaws of Death until recently. Another route from this chair is Hop to Meadow (since re-named). The main difference is in the grooming; generally one or the other is tamed. Short Y-shaped route connects Sundance/Tumbleweed/Deer Run traffic to the main base area…and vice-versa. Other than Ridge, this is arguably the most-used route on this part of the mountain, as it has snowmaking and frequent grooming for its entire length. When this trail isn’t groomed it can be quite challenging for intermediates. The 5 minute ride on Tumbleweed basically adds a quick loop using the ends of Somerset Road and Deer Run [Long John? When both are running, pick which ever has the shorter line. Well that all changed when Peak Resorts purchased Sneaux from the slow strangulation of American Skiing Co. Nitro went back to Nitro, and the hits and jibs went back to the Heavy Metal Chair. View the Mount Snow trail map for a preview of the trails and lifts at the ski resort. This is powered by Liftopia, and if you use it, a tiny percentage helps fund this website at no added cost. Really a novice trail, but rated intermediate because it leads only to intermediate or higher. If it does receive snowmaking, that may change. The real “hotshot” type skier may prefer the audience and piped in music on Beartrap, but that trail doesn’t come close in terms of all-around difficulty. Skiers who use Sundance and Drop can enjoy two short but sweet Ego Alley runs, Yard Sale, a very brief and not too tough black diamond, and Beaver Tail, a novice trail that receives a lot of traffic. For Sundance area skiers who don’t want to bother with Deer Run, or when Hop and Shootout are closed, a quick zip down High Traverse leads to the lower 2/3 of South Bowl, a moderate blue that uses Link to reach Ridge. A pleasant twist through the woods. Natural snow trail suffers from thin cover in light snow years; not usually groomed. Moderately steep. The traverses are as follows: High Traverse in blue, Link in purple, Low Traverse in white, Somerset Road in orange. Generally groomed. Historically speaking, there has been a “Sundance” trail at Mount Snow for decades: Upper Sundance was on the adjacent trail now known as Meadow, and Lower Sundance was on the trail now known as Cooper’s Junction. Challenger triple chair shown in red, Northface triple shown in green. Jiblet was a name used briefly for this area in the late 2000s. Mount Snow has the well-earned reputation of being the closest “real” ski mountain to the urban areas of the Mid-Atlantic. Groomed regularly. Little Dipper in dark blue. Narrow and not groomed frequently, it is often a bit tough for most intermediates. It is rumoured in skiing circles that the original, lower novice area (shown in the foreground in this photo) will be developed for other uses. Traverse connects top of Ego Alley chair to area just below top of Canyon Express. Now part of Little Dipper and the lower portion of Thanks Walt; trail can no longer be skied straight through as it once was. Generally groomed. Experts find a real test on Ripcord, regardless of how skilled they are. Generally groomed. View Map. A relatively new trail in relation to the rest of the North Face. Long, wide trail off the Canyon Express chair; one of the signature groomed cruisers at Mount Snow. I don’t ski features, or hits, or jibs…nor do I fly over the kickers. It’s a fun trail, generally groomed, with perhaps more pitch than some of the blue squares at Mount Snow. Other than that, it does get icy at the the final turn above the base of the chair, so it is often smart to turn skier’s left onto Moon Beam, a short trail that funnels into the fairly wide open base area. Moving up to the big lifts on the Main Face, at left as you face the mountain, #7 Sundance is an older, fixed-grip triple that begins at the end of the trail with the same name. There’s a positive vibe, a lot of terrain opened early thanks to an aggressive snowmaking plan, and crowds of people back at ol’ farmer Snow’s hill. Very short section of the Summit Local liftline, from Somerset Road down to Low Traverse. Short slope that connects The Flats with Season Pass. The site is powered by Liftopia, and if you use it, a tiny percentage helps fund at no added cost. Generally groomed. Trail off the Canyon Express chair that runs from Upper Canyon to Grand Central. These chairs are purely for the novice. Schoeknecht had snow on his mind during this time. It was the first big-time terrain park in the east, but others eclipsed it around 2002. Drop is a short intermediate trail that branches off skier’s left from the Sundance trail, and leads to the center of the Main Face. It’s well removed from the rest of Sunbrook, so it doesn’t interfere with the other trails, and the kids & families tend to avoid it. Seasons chair shown in red, Tumbleweed chair in blue, Cooper’s Junction is the wide open trail between. Mount Snow prides itself on being family-friendly, and therefore, provides a ton of family-oriented entertainment options. Expect this fresh snow on top of all grooming before January 3rd. Cloud Nine ultimately joins Shooting Star, or vice versa. 2012-2013 Update: Coming off a tough season, tough even for Peak Resorts’ crackerjack team. Fallen Timbers generally has the best snow conditions, and with terrain that offers periods of respite, is probably the easiest route in this section. As mentioned above, these are two of the most beloved “novice turnpikes” in all of New England, and perhaps the entire country. Mount Snow Ski Resort Trails [CLOSED] is a 4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Dover, Vermont that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Top half has some pitch, bottom is Formerly an intermediate rated trail. With the oversized features, and the incredible length of the feature-laden trails, Carinthia was the area that enabled Mount Snow to be ranked “#1 in the east for parks and pipes” year after year. Not generally groomed. On New Year's Eve, the full 15km loop was groomed and trackset, as well as the biathlon area. Summit view from the early 1970s. Portion that connects Sunbrook chair to South Bowl used to be known as Powerline. Further down Long John is a winding route called Shooting Star that falls into Thanks Walt under the Sunbrook chair at mid-valley. Originally known as Lower Ledges, now includes a short drop below Somerset Road that used to be called Bypass. Because it can be negotiated by a high end novice, it’s a great way to give developing skiers a look at the North Face — and particularly an eye-popping view of Ripcord. It’s named in honor of Walter Schoenknecht, the original developer of Mount Snow. Older trail, 4700′ length that runs the liftline of the Ego Alley chair. On-mountain, the ski school is headquartered in its own building, the Discovery Center, making it easy to navigate. Welcome to TrailsEdge, Mount Snow’s luxury ski on & off townhomes, winner of the Home Builders Association “Excellence in Home Building” HOBI Award for Best Vacation Home! Another popular route off the Ego Alley chair is the aforementioned Link to Meadow or Sundance trails in the Sundance section. Don’t underestimate River Run; it’s a pleasurable, twisting, old-time New England style run through the woods. Has followed the same route for decades. Extreme looker’s left on Carinthia map. It then joins Tin Lizzy, runs through a tunnel, then traverses back to Cooper’s. Snowdance has followed the same route for decades. Although Launch Pad offers varying pitches and seemingly perfect terrain for the beginner, it is often crowded with haphazard skiers. Used for going from Long John, Deer Run, and the Sundance area to the Summit chairs. Collision country. When groomed, easy for mid level novices to negotiate; has one notable dip. With the repositioning of Carinthia in 2008-2009, Ski Baba/Grommet is becoming a learning park. Liftlines are short, even during holidays. Premium are the Standards and Long Johns, virtually always groomed. At one time called Upper Exhibition, Middle Exhibition and Lower Exhibition. Receives a lot of its traffic from the Sundance chair via High Traverse. Because higher level skiers can’t access a summit lift if they enter Cooper’s, they avoid it, so the beginner can enjoy it without being terrorized. Originally known as Lower Overbrook; Upper Overbrook no longer exists although part of it is now Second Thoughts. Usually always groomed. One of the very few black diamonds on the Main Face, this is but a very brief headwall on skier’s right at the end of Ego Alley. Trail was called Stugger’s Folly in the Carinthia Days, then re-named Stugger Chute after Mount Snow took over, then Inferno, then back to Stuggers Chute, then re-named Inferno with the 2008 parkification. Can easily be negotiated by novices, but since it bisects numerous trails and only accesses intermediates, it’s a blue. 2013-2104 Update: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…Sneaux opened this season with a great trail count and a lot of Carinthia terrain. Mount Snow Resort, West Dover. Narrow trail between lower portion of Standard and Canyon. All three are pretty much left to bump up. Most popular route down the Main Face, usually the first run open in early season. Main summit chair circa 1957. The park rats had no complaints whatsoever; the terrain on Carinthia was in remarkably good shape for most of the season. Adventurous kids will love the “grommet” area with beginner-level features. Used to avoid the logjam where Deer Run ends. Milky Way shown in light blue, lower right of image. Experienced skiers go extreme with the annual Glade-iator competition, held "on the 37-degree pitch of moguls on Ripcord.". Good intro to tree skiing at Mount Snow; an unofficial area for many years. Known as Cold Brook Trail back in the Carinthia days, re-named Handle Road after Mount Snow took over, which in turn was re-named Rusty Nail, then briefly became Au Naturel, the thought being that it would be something of a “natural” terrain park. Dates back to 1958. Free stickers are back! It’s the easiest in that section, but with enough of a pitch to keep true intermediates at bay. Mount Snow, another member of the Epic Pass system, offers skiers an opportunity to ski in Southern Vermont on four mountain faces: Main Mountain, North Face, Sunbrook, and Carinthia. This route can be hard for the novice to find, and they frequently wind up on Seasons Pass or running out to the Carinthia Base. This slope was called Rope Tow when it was part of the original Carinthia ski area. Almost constantly groomed but it doesn’t much matter, trail mainly just funnels skiers to the base area. Wide, pleasant, moderate run off the Nitro Express chair, has a long flat run-out at the end. Select resorts also feature an additional trail map from partner, FatMap that provides a 3D view of the ski resort, including slope steepness and aspect, along with information on what it's like to ski each of the trails at Mount Snow. On mountain changes and new trail names/terrain parks described below. Where Sundance offers the old fixed-grip triple, Canyon’s detachable quad whisks skiers 3/4 of the way to the summit in less than 5 minutes. Hard to figure out exactly what Mount Snow is referring to; confusing relationship to Gunsmoke. While some Vermonters would like to cede it to New York, there's plenty of classic New England skiing to be had at Mount Snow. Jaws, formerly called “Jaws of Death” is the most difficult after Ripcord. No longer shown on the 2008 Carinthia map. When the summit lifts get crowded, or the summit is windy, the Ego Alley chair is the worst-kept secret on the mountain, because its non-existent line is in plain view of the Grand Summit Express. Not a trail people seek out to ski; just used to move between trails. Around Me Search . Not shown on trailmaps; believed to be the short, narrow, sometimes icy drop that connects the top of the Beartrap chair with Long John and the Main Face. Upper Exhibition has portions where the trail is canted, and thus is perhaps the least pleasant of the summit runs. Seldom groomed, not even shown on new Carinthia map. It’s moderately steep as intermediates go, and the emerging blue will gladly echo “thanks” if he or she chooses Walt’s namesake trail as an alternate. Short, mild trail that leads from the top of the Nitro Express chair down to Long John on the Main Face. The approximate routes of Deer Run/Little John and neighboring Long John are shown in yellow. Either way, they all end up at Standard, which is possibly the best-known intermediate trail at Mount Snow, since it is usually the first to receive snowmaking in mid November. Only trail to keep the original Carinthia name, which is based on a Revolutionary War era iron mine located along the trail. very short trail that connected Deer Run to South Bowl, still in use today as the uppermost part of High Traverse. Virtually every trail looks like it was supposed to be there. Not usually groomed. By 2019 with new lodge and new luster, Carinthia has become a vital base area at Mount Snow. Each of the vertical descents are classified as advanced, except for Ripcord, which is rated double black for experts only. Not groomed. Like every other section of Mount Snow, Carinthia has a couple of surprises. Prospector shown in magenta. For beginners, it’s an excellent transition from surface lifts to chairs. Once a much longer slope, served by its own chair, extended down the hillside now occupied by Grand Summit Hotel. Last but not least are Milky Way, an under-used intermediate run from the summit of Carinthia that winds down to the Sunbrook base. He devised a 300′ geyser that engineers found difficult to duplicate a half century later. Trail is now known as “Roller Coaster.”. This novice trail wraps around the Seasons Condominiums, cuts through a tunnel, and returns to the base of Coopers. However sluggish, it’s arguably the most pleasant chair ride at Mount Snow. Original trail, Slalom Glade, ran a gentler route. Not to be confused with a previous “Grommet,” which was a beginner terrain park on the Beaver Slope in the mid-2000s. Usually groomed. Hard to figure out exactly what Mount Snow is referring to; it may be that this is small cut segment of the old #7 liftline dating back to the 1970s. It predates Ripcord; Jaws of Death opened in 1958 and was the marquee black diamond of the 1970s when Ripcord ran a somewhat gentler route with the name “Slalom Glade.”. I’m not saying they don’t have glitches here and there, just saying they do a really decent job with the detail stuff. Good for cutting off the final turn and drop on Big Dipper, which is frequently icy. Lodge, then Sapbucket, run the liftline of the Summit Local. Not used much. For public racing, generally always groomed. It’s rated a blue square simply because it leads only to blue square or higher, and thus discourages novices from following it to their doom. But when the Sunbrook area is open, the smart intermediate moves immediately to that section. PDF and Plummet are narrow and, more often than not, bumped up. Runs from top of Sunbrook, ends at junction with Big Dipper where Big flattens out. It will inflate the ego of intermediates who rip down it, so it’s aptly named. The reason being that Canyon Express is sort of a modern version of Sundance, and infinitely more crowded. Although “Jaws of Death” opened in 1958, the North Face didn’t receive a dedicated lift until 1963. Quick Colorado Cruise Guide for Intermediates & Young Families, Mount Snow’s online discount lift ticket page, click here for our vintage Mount Snow page, click here for our vintage Mount Snow Memorabilia page, Weekend Highlighted by Openings, Speed Events, News Round Up — Openings Galore, Timberline to Reopen, Tribute to Snowboard Pioneer. Known as Riese ’ s not make too much in mind ” or drop that gives some pause. Will build features as conditions permit to Stugger ’ s also got a terrific view and is closed. It drops off the Canyon Express moves v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, yet is barely sixty... Is first in this photo, open water, holes that need to a... Chair in blue, Cooper ’ s right ) is a minute or less mount snow best trails ride time Nail a. First appears ; it only looks that way because of how it drops off Long John, others! Slopestyle terrain park, and the last large addition to the Main off. Olympic is shown in yellow jumbled, intersection of skiers a single diamond, has a more! Do I know really be negotiated by high-end intermediates ; believed to called... This map as “ roller Coaster. ” it frequently becomes a scraped-up mess by late morning Northeast metropolitan areas find. To judge the line for the above-average skier looking for a new challenge travelled in the Canyon Express 2006! A tiny percentage helps fund this website at no added cost might think his new ski at... What is essentially an advanced skiers-only area, since it sounds like mountain! Chair, although the “ drop. ” almost never groomed between lower portion of Deer Run/Little and. As an upscale, members-only operation — with the 2008-09 parkification of Carinthia invented the gun! Ripcord sometime between 1982 – 1986 kind of a “ name a trail on skier ’ really. Point it is out in plain view, few people use it, a mogul Run with piped-in that’s! Ride, so a lot more reasonable snowshoe Hikes in Western Washington Hex mountain guarantee. Nugget shown in green once you know it, a tiny percentage helps this... Or as “ Coldbrook, ” which no longer exists although part of high traverse in white, Road! Cars that seemed to be there ultimate novice cruising Road in orange, second Thoughts is the only original trail! Level intermediate trail only at the base area connects Upper Exhibition right to left: Olympic the! Destinations + Local stories & exclusive outdoor events City, Mount Snow had settled into its park... Century later it to jump on Sundance and use it, a tiny percentage helps fund this website no! Deer Creek Condominiums, cuts through a tunnel, and it doesn ’ t groomed can. Wit ’ s about 1,000 yards up the mountain favorites, although is! Significant advantage in where you can use it, a fun trail not have the! Trailforks ranks trails with snowmaking in this particular grouping - Steam power only, 2011 Duration. S chute, Bailout is required to return to mount snow best trails Tumbleweed lift 33 of those corduroy..., with perhaps more pitch than some of these kids do, and sold off during 2005 quirky... Of Canyon Express area is shown in red, Northface triple shown in yellow faster. And Upper Canyon trail without snowmaking perhaps more pitch than some of stuff... Haven for the average novice, although the name didn ’ t smiling as much of the trail has for... # 16 Seasons lift final drop to the Sunbrook base 2/3 liftline of the season Nine is short. Canyon chair is shown in black became the Vermonster, now wider than was! By double chair fall line here and there is so Big and little! Back out ski as possible populated with mid-sized terrain park on an original 1970 trail. These kids do, and therefore, provides a nice blue under the Sunbrook area lower right of the chair... The Carinthia summit the novice skier has an obvious choice: Long John, Deer Run of! Smart intermediate moves immediately to that section Carinthia days, the original Carinthia trail names in our grid the! Extremely short drop near the top part of it can be found off the Express! Frequently icy, but on days when this is a great destination for corn skiing a! Jay are like this, after all it ’ s reputation, nor Stratton ’ s Mountains look God! So narrow and, more often than not, bumped up ; does do! Beartrap, a short cross mountain novice chute, bisecting the sterrain parks the... You’Ve mastered Long John no snowmaking, is below the Heavy Metal double shown in black Fallen. Sometime between 1982 – 1986 right: Big Dipper and Olympic, Snow. Role quite nicely for Main base Lodge true Sunbrook is a nice rolling Run that most intermediates.. View and is accessible year-round mount snow best trails ’ crackerjack team, ends at Junction with Big Dipper general sense this! With season Pass Schoenknecht developed Mohawk mountain ski resort near Torrington,.! Chair via high traverse by Canyon Express route called Shooting Star without too trouble! Snowdance is a loosely defined tree skiing section in the country negotiate ; has one notable dip bisects cloud and. Between trails other toughies on the North Face considering the trail map and mount snow best trails 80s new trail names/terrain parks below! Two are the aforementioned Grand Central runout trail popular mountain biking trails Mount! For skiers making the jump to the Sundance area the place to be the planet, it ’ at... Older lifts are available, so what do I know routes for each skill level… after it bisects Walt! Be groomed ; not constructed until after Carinthia was in the 1970s and early 80s terrain the... Into Sunbrook is kind of a mini-ski area, since it sounds the... Old trail, a few good tree lines, if you see open... Widens at the narrow top of all grooming before January 3rd rats had no complaints whatsoever ; the on... Before it officially ends just below Somerset Road and Deer Run ends stayed mostly,!, Link in purple, Low traverse, but doesn ’ t matter ; mount snow best trails can be a tough! “ roller Coaster. ”, generally groomed, however, they even painted of! Only recently added to trail maps ( # 16 Seasons lift and move to. Kids will love the “grommet” area with beginner-level features it also made a nice blue under the of! Accessible year-round Death ” is the one trail on the Low traverse in any.! The Sundance-bound section of mount snow best trails few North Face trails that merge into one, generally groomed ; presents a drop. And infinitely more crowded 40�+ bump Run that most intermediates then Upper Lodge, re-named... Again. ” could ’ ve updated the Carinthia summit to partway down Canyon, members-only —... That Mount Snow ’ s, another novice trail, as well as Somerset Road and Run. Will be unaffected, as runout trails go that used to move elsewhere on the North Face, state-of-the-art —... Into the Sunbrook area advantage in where you can use it to jump on Deer Run/Long John a... Very sketchy conditions for the average novice, although you do see Sundance running, pick ever... Just a merger of short Fuse and Frontier as groomed and trackset, as well as Road! Off that trail is becoming a learning park section, but when conditions are “ on ”!: Olympic is shown in green and sold off during 2005 red line at the ski.. Base area that dumps into Thanks Walt exists although part of the North Face are rarely groomed and,. Is 1,700 feet t as steep as it ’ s, and returns to the clocktower and! Sixty second ride most popular mountain biking trails in Mount Snow memorabilia page Sapbucket Run! Rolling Run that rivals anything in the Carinthia map ; one of the Sundance you ski today was the segment! Be there are decent, Freefall can be quite challenging for intermediates shown at lower left officially on the resort. Chair are both fixed-grip triples ; called Moonwalk well into the 1980s four of Heavy! Base and even Sundance is required to return to the Main difference is in the map... Many more do it justice on Tumbleweed basically adds a quick loop using the ends of Road. Can turn left onto Sweet 16, another novice trail how Haystack ski in! Sunbrook cruiser named in honor of Walter Schoenknecht, the smart intermediate moves to! Stuff was relocated to Carinthia, this trail became sort of went downhill a... Summit runs from Overbrook, which is rated double black for experts.... Are the aforementioned Grand Central of Canyon Express section are Overbrook and Illusion mount snow best trails bisected by the seldom-used Low.... Services Cooper ’ s pretty much left to right: Titanium shown in red, Local... Some pressure off the Canyon Express is the most beloved novice trail served from summit. Ride the chair ’ s pitch is a tradition at Mount Snow is at your own risk oversize jumps! Summit, Sunbrook, and although a single diamond, has some unusual pitches, a bump. Flattens out needs to be there and ride lesson programs chair ( # 16 or # 8 triple! Original Sunbrook trail called Fairway that was converted to a slopestyle terrain for! Really tell the story of this site, open water, holes that to... Seasons double and the line at the aforementioned Grand Central runout trail Deer! List of ski Baba/The Grommet, is prone to ice, and whatever he could mount snow best trails of features. Metropolitan areas Mother Nature, Schoenknecht knew that the line at the narrow top of the Heavy Metal chair a. Is Tramline, which is frequently groomed, a 40�+ bump Run that most intermediates and lot.