You can also find roomy, four-season tents that will accommodate a woodstove and which provide a durable shelter for hunters and packers. You can use a stove jack that is larger in diameter than your stovepipe but obviously not vice versa. Guide Gear 10x10' Teepee Tent: Sports & Outdoors. [NEW]Guide Gear Wall Tent Floor, 10' x 12' $154.34. The full-length rainfly measures 24'l. Although most quality wall tents made of double-fill cotton fabric will withstand rain and snow, a simple lightweight plastic tarp, used as a rain fly, will allow the snow to slide off the roof and keep it dry. It has a history and legacy as part of the backcountry hunting experience almost as old as our country. There is no doubt that the Guide Gear Company can produce quality stoves. Also, stow tents up off the ground so they don’t become victims of unexpected water or vermin. Outfitters and Guides will also appreciate its well thought out design, features and workmanship with a price that will keep them under budget and make them smile. You might be solo backpackers or duo you must need a better tent always. This tent comes with its own angle kit, which not all tents do. Built to handle any weather Mother Nature can throw at it. Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Bikepack Tent: 2-Person 3-Season. It provides an extra space, separate area for relaxing, enjoying the view, storage space or cooking/eating area. Cotton Canvas Wall Tent with stove Jack 16x24 available with Aluminium Frame Poles, Angle Kits, PVC floor, Sod Cloth, High Quality Zippered Doors and Windows. All tents are double-treated for water & mildew. However, in freezing weather, you can have issues with the sod cloth getting frozen in the snow and ice or dirt. These tents are most often white and will allow light to come through the fabric, creating a pleasant daytime atmosphere. Protect yourself from overheating, sunburn, and pesky bugs with the coverage of a quality tent. A 13 by 16 foot wall tent will comfortably hold up to 12 cots, depending on additional gear. You can add a Do-It-Yourself Angle kit or Steel Internal Frame by choosing that option. Full-length 24'l. If you need a floor for your tent, then you may want to consider this one as it is very durable. A sod cloth is a 10” wide band of fabric that is sewn around the inside of the tent at the bottom of the sidewalls and back. Having the tarp on top of the sod cloths seals out drafts caused by wind blowing under the tent wall. 4.3 out of 5 star rating (22 reviews) Quick View. The same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders - it's an outfitter's wilderness sanctuary! A major component of ensuring the … Wall Tent Zippers: How to Properly Care for Them? Seams, which are carefully sewn, will also be similarly waterproof. $429.55 to $969.55. I like to use a tarp on my wall tents, mostly because a dry tent is a lot easier to pack than a wet one. Not to mention it's an only-here Guide Gear value! Oct 1, 2018 - Sportsman's Guide has your Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent, 12' x 18' available at a great price in our Outfitter & Canvas Tents collection Diamond Brand Gear’s breathable wall tent with mesh windows allows for airflow circulation throughout the tent. At this size, it will fit multiple people without feeling cramped. Free shipping. The Living Clean Guide to Less-Toxic Camping Gear – Tents & Shelters Share: Facebook. Specify zippered doors on both ends or have a zipper custom installed on the back end. If you’re in the market for a new hunting or camping base camp, check out our Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent and Aluminum Frame. You can also fold the sod cloth outside and put dirt or snow on it to keep out drafts. Perfectly Setting up Your Wall Tent (A Complete 5 Step Guide) ... versatility and spaciousness can be a steep investment. If you’re in the market for a wall tent, it’s best to make sure the tent fabric has been treated with a fire retardant and mildew inhibitors. Why is a five-foot wall important vs. a three-foot or four-foot wall? Relite will melt when subjected to a hot stovepipe or hot embers, so pay attention to this issue. Blend: Montana Canvas ( manufactures a tent made with a cotton duck roof and Relite walls. Guide Series Wall Tents are the strongest and most affordable wall tent in it’s class! Proper storage in a clean, dry, rodent-free area is imperative. See our QUALITY GUARANTEE, Premium 10 oz Sunforger marine boat shrunk army duck canvas, Large #10 YKK Zipper; freeze resistant and self healing, Standard stove jack with cover (choice of size and location). Aluminum poles for most nylon tents of adequate size with internal frames are too long to fit in normal size panniers or man-tied loads. When this Wall Tent Floor is placed between the legs of your frame and the sod cloth of the walls, nothing's gonna get in and spoil your night in the ... more. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent 4.4 out of 5 stars 636 ratings. I find that when the stovepipe goes straight up and above the ridgeline of the tent, the stove will draw better. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . with a fir bough. A wall tent with a pole frame will withstand nearly anything Mother Nature can throw at you, including heavy snow loads. Cotton/canvas: Wall tents are usually made of cotton (canvas) fabric. Reliable Wall Tents for Outfitter, Wilderness, Safari Glamping, Backcountry in Colorado, Montana, Idaho and California. Skip to main content .ca Hello, Sign in. Stove jacks in the roof are oval-shaped in order to accommodate the angle of the roof so the stove jack will fit snugly around the pipe. Strong and dependable without blowing your budget! Important Features for Consideration When Purchasing a Tent. Features Of The Guide Gear Wall Tent. If you have a canvas wall tent, you’ve likely dealt with mildew. A wind-hardy aluminum tube frame (purchased separately) provides killer strength against … Most hunters are familiar with backpack tents, which are made for “1-person”, “2-person” and so forth, but the actual internal space in these tents can be quite variable. Not to mention it's an only-here Guide Gear® value! Toll Free: 1-800-490-7046, Order via phone Monday-Friday A wall tent made of cotton fabric can be used in the hottest weather as well as the coldest weather. This stove now … You can extend the life of your tent by protecting the canvas walls and floor from stove heat. Outfitters and Guides will also appreciate its well thought out design, features and workmanship with a price that will keep them under budget and make them smile. The Frame is lightweight but extremely durable and doesn’t require any tools to assemble. Although I longed for the day when I could make such a trip, it would remain just a dream for nearly two decades. If you do have spots of mold/mildew, use a very light bleach-water solution on it. and 8.5' peak … If you don’t own a wall tent, you’re likely thinking, what’s so great about them? Camas, Washington, US The provided diagrams illustrate the arrangements of cots, stove, and cooking areas that I prefer in my wall tent camps. Without a floor, mud and snow can be knocked off your boots at the front of the tent by the stove. Walls: Five-foot walls are a must when purchasing a wall tent. Also, air dries it well in an enclosed area like a garage or spare room to make sure it’s void of any moisture. They call this tent a “Montana Blend.” I’ve used these tents on a number of trips and, for the most part, they’re quite satisfactory. Can add all of one kind or a combination of both. Guide Gear Wall Tent Floor, 10' x 12' Buyer's Club $143.99 Non-Member $159.99 . I prefer zippers on both ends, with nylon straps and buckle “keepers” to protect the zippers in high winds and add an extra measure of strength to the end closures. An exceptional feature of this wall tent is the size that it comes in. If you don’t use cots, you can “make do” with smaller tents than you can if you want each person to have a cot and personal gear inside the tent. Finally, I was fortunate to be able to own a horse and make such trips on my own. But for 90% of the backcountry elk hunting the hunting horseman will encounter, the wall tent will serve you well, provide you with a comfortable base camp, and add to your many wonderful memories of the backcountry, big bulls, horses, mules, and friends. So, just what makes a wall tent so great? I prefer having the pipe go straight up through the ceiling. A stove jack made of two layers of fiberglass cloth will protect your tent from the hot stovepipe. The cotton duck roof doesn’t leak and is more fire retardant than a full Relite tent. 4.7 out of 5 star rating (10 reviews) Quick View. Likewise, if you don’t plan to cook inside the tent or have a wood stove, you can add a person to each of my recommended sizes. I use a tarp that is sized to fit the back seven feet of the tent where we put our bunks and personal gear. or Email us, At BRAVO TENTS we buy only first quality canvas finished in the USA and all panels and seams are continually inspected during the manufacturing process. or 10.10-oz fabric. All prices are subject to change without notice. Peak: That tent also has a peak height of just over seven feet high, which isn’t high enough to hang a lantern to keep from hitting your head on it. Buyer's Club $17.99 Non-Member $19.99. weather-treated canvas is one of the strongest and best materials available for keeping the elements at bay so you stay warm and dry. New Redesigned for 2020 – Bravo! Creating a Solid Game Plan in the New Year, Charging Up for High-Exertion Backcountry Hunts. Heavy-duty 10-oz. Click Add to Cart to continue. You may prefer this, but I’ve found that in windy conditions, stoves using sidewall jacks are more temperamental and inclined to smoke up the tent. They can also be difficult to set up in areas where suitable tent poles can’t be found. Our Guide Gear® Canvas Wall Tent creates a warm, dry Base Camp safe against all the trials of nature untamed. NO RIPS OR TEARS.Heavy-duty 10-oz. Ideal for BSA, Boy Club Scouts Campouts and Shelters. Your email address will not be published. Designed and built to elk hunters for elk hunters to take on the challenges of early/late season weather and keep you in the field. Guides, packers, and hunters who spend a lot of time in the backcountry depend upon durable shelters, which provide protection from the elements and serve as the foundation for a comfortable camp. Even though the fabric is a tight weave, the cotton duck allows for excellent passage of moisture through the material. However, when it gets very cold, Relite tends to get stiff, and I’ve had the seams rip out of the walls of two such tents in very high winds. The best tent fabric is made of the long cotton fibers spun into individual threads, two of which are twisted together to form plied yarns and referred to as “double fill.” This grade of canvas is an all-cotton duck with a special marine finish also called Otis Permasol, Vivatex, or Sunforger. Built to … It’s the same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders. New Redesigned for 2020 – Bravo! Gear The adventure and thrill of one day going on a backcountry trip with wall tents, horses, and mules was but a distant dream at the time. They’re also lighter than an all-cotton duck tent. Although you can get internal frames for wall tents, you typically don’t use them in the backcountry. June 16, 2020. $499.95. Wall tents can also be purchased with stovepipe jacks in the sidewalls, making the roof more watertight. Relite: I’ve also owned wall tents made of a material called Relite. Tents are considered as your house away from the house and the best canvas wall tent will let you feel safe, secure and comfortable at all times. Guide Gear 10x10’ Teepee Tent. After choosing a tent size, the frame options will appear and you can add other options to your tent as well with the price changing interactively depending on your choices. For example, I’ve used “2-person” tents that were cramped for one person. I have the tarp sized to fit over the sod cloths (flaps) at that bottom of the tent, which is folded inside the tent. Napier 19044 Backroadz Truck Tent, Compact Regular Bed, Grey/Green . Optional zippered removable screen doors create a nice cross breeze for exceptional ventilation. In this guide, gear editor Kristin Hostetter shows you how to pick the right one for any outing. Guide Gear Teepee Tent Just got a new tent/tipi from Sportsman's Guide and pitched it in the basement to make sure everything was there, that the seams were sufficiently sealed, and just to see how easily it went up. We used a 12’x14’ wall tent with three-foot walls on my first backcountry hunt and we spent much of our time in the tent moving around on our knees! The stove jack needs to be at least the same diameter as your pipe. I got to go into the backcountry of Washington’s Cascade Range with a friend and actually “sleep under canvas” and hunt elk. Office hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Or order online 24/7 on this website Guide Series Wall Tents are the strongest and most affordable wall tent in it’s class! Wall tents can be folded and packed over the top of a set of panniers, rolled up and man-tied as a side pack, or stuffed into a rectangular top pack. Guide Gear Tent Post Hooks, 2 Pack. The same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders — it's an outfitter's wilderness sanctuary. 4.6 out of 5 stars 172. If mud or water accumulates on the tarp, it can be easily cleaned, making for a tidy sleeping area. The cotton duck fabric from which most wall tents are made fails quickly when exposed to the harsh sun. x 13'w. The wall tent, when using natural materials such as lodgepole or similar poles for frames, can be set up anywhere one can find such materials. I used the cheap tents for many years until several years in the grand teton area I was introduced to the wall tent and I was hooked and have used nothing else for the last 20 years and my wife loves it, Your email address will not be published. Shopping for a tent is like shopping for a home: there are dozens of styles, designs, sizes, and features to consider. Topnotch construction, excellent ventilation, and adaptable options make the choice easy. Others who advertise five-foot walls actually finish the walls at five feet. Account & Lists Account ... Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Large Family Camp Bell Tent Hunting Wall Tent with Roof Stove Jack Hole for Camping Hiking Party, Beige Color 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. If you feel like it’s starting to mildew, put it out in the sun for a while and that should take care of it. But when it comes to packing with stock, the wall tent is still the standard. If you’ve hunted out of a backcountry camp in wet weather or snow, you’ve dealt with mud and snow being tracked into your tent. Even though we didn’t have real horses, we created a memory that carried me through the Vietnam era and finally back to the Northwest, where I could once again hunt elk in the backcountry. You can find tents that function well for mountaineering expeditions at high altitudes in the worst weather imaginable. Everyone has a preference for how to arrange the cots, stove, and cooking area. Food is stored in bear-resistant panniers outside the tent. My first backcountry elk hunt was 50 years ago in November 1964 – just two weeks before I was to report for officer basic training at Fort Bliss, Texas. western big-game hunt Although most quality wall tents made of double-fill cotton fabric will withstand rain and snow, a simple lightweight plastic tarp, used as a rain fly, will allow the snow to slide off the roof and keep it dry. Nearly all nylon tents require some sort of internal pole system. This holds it tight and forms a seal against wind. 98607, Call: 360-817-9124 or When using a stove, you have to have a stovepipe. Choose number and type of  windows. If properly dried, stored, and maintained, a quality wall tent will last you a lifetime and can be handed down to your children and perhaps your grandchildren. Most wall tents don’t have floors, thus enabling you to use a woodstove without worrying about burning the tent floor. and includes a 6' x 12' front porch with side walls. I personally know a lot of hunters who are competent and successful DIY hunters who don’t use wall tents, so I’m not implying that other kinds of tents aren’t suitable for the backcountry. Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents. You also have to pack an elbow for the pipe, which usually packs awkwardly. It has ample space for one person plus gear to spread out, but can also fit two people comfortably. By Matt Dybedahl. The tarp is easily swept clean of debris such as pine needles, dirt, leaves, etc. You can also put dirt on the sod cloth inside the tent, but I prefer not to do so. Custom sizes are available. Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent & Aluminum Frame. Much like any other expensive gear, wall tents require the proper maintenance and care to realize and prolong their lifespan, which can, effectively, be a lifetime. These tents are very lightweight and work well in warmer weather. 26401 NE Brunner Rd My tents all have 8-½-foot peaks and the lantern is well above my head! This is a water resistant floor that you can put down on the ground. Best-selling in Tents. Free shipping. Plus, all wall tents come out-of-the-box treated for water … My preference is to have the cots and sleeping area to the rear, arranged so that each person has a “space.” I like to place the stove and cooking area at the front by the door and use “kitchen” panniers for a cooking area, as they fit nicely. Guide Gear 10' x 12' Wall Tent Aluminum Frame. This tent tames the elements via its thick, 10-ounce rain-resistant canvas. The key is to dry the tent after each use and store it properly between uses. The same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders — it's an outfitter's wilderness sanctuary.... more. With a good stove, I’ve found the inconvenience of some condensation is well worth the savings in overall weight when you want to lighten your overall load. I can still vividly recall the stories and photos of Jack O’Connor, John Jobson, Clyde Ormond, and Warren Page and the pack trips they wrote about in Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and Field and Stream when I was a boy. The tent is the last item to be packed and is easily man-tied or put into a top pack. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I have a “no shoes” rule for the back half of my tent. A wood stove is an absolute must in a camp when the weather is cold, wet, and nasty. When you see such poles being packed, you often see them protruding high above the pack animal, where they’re likely to get hooked on overhanging limbs, brush, or other obstacles. Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Bikepack Tent: 3-Person 3-Season. This Guide Gear 10-foot by 12-foot Canvas Wall Tent creates a warm, dry base camp that’s safe against all the trials of Mother Nature. The Deluxe Window has the additional advantage of clear see-through vinyl and a zip down curtain. The white tent is also cooler than a dark tent and with full-zippered doors on both ends, the tent can be opened up during the day for cooling or zipped up tight for warmth. The same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders — it's an outfitter's wilderness sanctuary! Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best-selling in Tents. Details about Marine Canvas used on our tents click here. This can be a real problem when you have a “cherry red” fire going in the stove or the tent fills with smoke while you’re sleeping. Some manufacturers advertise five-foot walls, but their walls are actually finished at 4’8” or less. Free shipping. Designed and built by elk hunters for elk hunters to take on the challenges of early/late season weather and keep you in the field.